Foreign trade

We are speciallist in Foreing Trade operations, we hace a professional team highly qualified with several years of experience. Nowadays the internet enables the contact with suppliers but there are so many Tag Heuer Replica variable factors, custom procedures, alternative transports, purchase conditions, laws to manage that most of the times confuse and discourage the customer. It is important to consider that the management of the international channels and procedures are serious and requires a vaste experience in order to avoid legal problems and unexpected costs that will damage the expected results.

CON ARGENTINA SRL wants to be a part of your company and will help you to archieve the goals required for the excelence in the purchase and logistics of your company.

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Export operations

CON ARGENTINA SRL leads an interactive work with customer in order to meet the timings compromised with the foreign consignee, book space in transports, keeps goods in custom warehouses, controlling all the custom export process, assures the shipment and follows the shipment from the departure to the arrival at the destination country and delivery to the final consignee.

To count with the export services of CON ARGENTINA SRL is to assure the operations and leave your time for other strategy works, such as chasing of new business or improving the relationship with your customers.

Import operations

The import performance of CON ARGENTINA SRL is leaded on the basis of the knowledge of the goods to import, technical characteristics and contact with supplier. Tax classification of goods: This data allows us to know the import duties (ad-valorem and/or specific). Statistics and other taxes. Specific custom procedures. Restrictions.

Previous custom interventions
The Tax Classification defines the previous custom interventions that the goods require. Our goal is to fullfill these interventions with plenty of time before the moment of shipment. Therefore, in case of restrictions, we can even evaluate other alternatives.

Weight and volume of goods
On the basis of the packing information from supplier (Packing list), CON ARGENTINA SRL Will define the best logistics, in view of the coast and the urgency, in order to meet the customer requirement with the minimum possible cost.

Mining certificates
All the information of the shipment (tax classification number, incoterm, origin charges, FOB value) is gathered in a custom document named “Certificado de Minería” (Mining certificate). Our goal is to issue and process such certificate with plenty of time before the arrival of goods to the country.

Impositive situation of customer
This point is very important because it defines if customer has CVDI or any excemtion iy payment of additional VAT and profit taxes.

Custom procedure
CON ARGENTINA SRL Can either provide service of custom broker of use the custom broker of the customer, following the custom broker in all the procedures to activate the fast and safe clearance of goods from custom area.

Renar counselling

The RENAR (Registro Nacional de Armas = National Weapons Registry) is a public office that centralizes the activity regulated to explosives and services used in the mining activity, as well as all the operations of fertilizantes that include aminioum nitrite. The licences and product registrations are essential for the activity. Our specially trained team will guide you to get the licences and registrations required by your activity.

Please note this brief list of the main procedures that we perfom dayly for several companies, dedicated to the mining, explosives and fertilizante:

  • User that receives voladura services.
  • User of explosives with A, B, C or E type polvorin.
  • User that perfoms voladura services.
  • Licences for polvorines.
  • Licences for warehouses of canchas of amonium nitrite.
  • Licences for auxiliar equipments.
  • Licences for manufacture of explosives.
  • Registration as importer/exporter of explosives.
  • Test of materials.
  • Register and licences of purchaser and retailer of explosives.
  • Import licences.
  • Monthly reports.
  • Get the books.

The main fact is the time of procedure, due to three main facts:

  • Gather all the complete documents and paperwork for the customer.
  • Activation inside the RENAR.
  • Job overload of the RENAR staff.

Our service focuses on the conselling about the required documents, assistance to customer to get said paperwork and the dayly presence at the RENAR to follow up and activate all procedures. Our servise will guarantee your company better timings in all RENAR procedures.

SEDRONAR / RENPRE counselling

The Secretariat of Programming for the Prevention of Drug Addiction and Fight against Drug Trafficking (SEDRONAR) through the National Registry of Chemical Precursors (RENPRE), is a public office that regulates the activity related to Chemical Substances or Products that may serve as a basis, or may be used in the preparation of narcotic drugs, which are used in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

It also controls the ownership, use, production, import and export operations, transport and storage thereof.

CON ARGENTINA SRL has the experience and trained personnel to guide you and obtain the Certificates that the client needs for the activity . Our service is focused on the Customer's Advice in relation to the required Documentation and subsequent Follow-up to obtain said documentation, as well as the Personal Push at the RENPRE to expedite its procedures.

Our service guarantee a greater agility in obtaining the qualifications and other Replica Watches procedures with these offices.